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When you have a property in Sellersburg you must tend to, there are several things to manage. Keeping your property in the best condition takes quite a lot of work. You are tending to the interior, exterior, utilities, home decor, and much more.

Your lawn, however, can be tricky. We offer a tree and lawn service in Sellersburg, IN, that will work with you to make your property look perfect. Tree services, landscaping, mowing, snow service, and more are available. Call us for an appointment or consultation.

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Tree Services

Our tree services include:

● Tree removal
● Tree trimming
● Stump grinding
● Tree installation
● Emergency tree removal
● Special machines and equipment

When you feel like a tree is close to falling over, you hear creaking, or the tree sways too much in the wind, give us a call. It might be time to remove it or trim it to avoid further damage.

We can bring down a tree quickly, cut the top to prevent overgrowth, remove branches to prevent damage to your home or injury, and even move trees if they are too close to your house.

We offer stump grinding after we have felled trees on your property, or we can grind unsightly stumps that were left behind by previous owners.

We also plant trees if you would like to create a border around your property or transplant a special tree that complements your home’s aesthetic.

We also respond to emergencies if a tree has fallen in the night or early morning. This can be a scary experience for any family, and we can get the tree off the property or out of your home so that repair and recovery can begin.


Our landscaping services include:

● Flower and plant care
● Irrigation and drainage
● Spring/fall cleanup
● Mulching and edging
● Shrub trimming
● Sod installation

Landscaping services include planting gardens, flowers, shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass. We can design a brand-new landscaping style for the property, maintain your current landscaping design, or completely clean up an old property that needs to be refreshed.

We understand how to add irrigation systems and/or create proper drainage. We will mulch and edge the property to keep the design as clean as possible, trim your shrubs, and install sod if needed.

We will schedule appointments for your services and explain how often each service should occur. Tell us what you want, and we will create a customized plan for your Sellersburg home.

Lawn Care

● Grass Cutting
● Sod Maintenance
● Grass Seed
● Weed Control
● Fertilization
● Aeration

Homeowners often spend too much time and money on their lawns. We can help you save money and give you all the services you need. Grass cutting helps maintain a healthy lawn that looks trim and beautiful. Your neighbors will be envious, and you do not need to struggle to mow the lawn on your own.

We can maintain sod that was installed previously or that we have brought to the property. Because sod can be so finicky, we create a custom plan for each property to keep the sod as healthy as possible.

We can plant grass seed if you would like to add grass to dead patches on the property. We can also renew grass seed every year as the weather warms in the spring.

Once the grass is laid down, we remove weeds and control them using specialized herbicides. Plus, we can aerate the soil on your property before planting when necessary.

Snow Services

We even offer a snow service to remove snow and ice from driveways, residential streets, parking lots, and service roads. Our snow service helps you get to work, keeps your neighborhood safe, or prepares your business for the arrival of employees and customers. Schedule a consultation with us today so that we can provide you with regular or emergency snow services.

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